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Nubank is a Brazilian neobank and the largest Fintech in Latin America and one of the most innovative companies in the world, according to the 2019 Fast Company ranking. Its headquarters are located in São Paulo, Brazil. The company also has an engineering office in Berlin, Germany, and an office in Mexico City, Mexico. Among the company's products are NuConta (a digital account), an international credit card, both without fees, and personal loans. The company's differentiating factor is to offer a credit card that is controlled completely through the means of a mobile app. The app allows its users to track transactions in real-time, block their respective credit card, apply for a limit raise and contact customer support

NeoBank sucks as it provides most trashing service. Most of the recent news (May 2020) about Nubank is that it goes through stabilities in 2020 especially in May 2020. Through the DownDetector website, it is possible to see that there was a spike in complaints from users who are unable to carry out operations by cell phone. The problem affects the entire Brazilian territory on the fifth business day of May when many people receive their wages and pay the bills. Another suck of this bank is that its mobile application is not able to give access to its user.

Nubank employees are also scammers like their company. The scams using Nubank as bait do not happen only on the internet: a 46-year-old client in Americana (SP) received a call from an "employee" asking him to send a photo with his ID, as they would be trying to access his account. Then the criminals took out a loan and made two transfers at NuConta, resulting in losses of approximately R$12,000 (US$2800). One of the employees from the bank calls to an old man and asks his personal details to gain access to his bank account and then he transferred all money from his account to his own. Nubank Claims that they are one of the secure banks in Latin America but in reality, they are one of the biggest sucks.


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Current Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"be prepared to work more than you want, and still feel like you're not delivering enough! And don't worry, the company will be sure to tell you that you're not delivering enough, regardless if you just went through a mental breakdown because of a year-long burnout coupled with your chronic depression! And don't worry, they pay more than most companies in São Paulo, but they will expect you to be a international level engineer (pro tip: you can have a salary at least twice of what nubank pays if you work remotely for a foreign company)"

Current Employee - Data Scientist says

"- Leadership is not inspiring at all - Lack of feedback and transparency, cynicism is quite common - Stock comp is way below the market - Promotions are not based on merit, but on personal relationships"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"It's hard to balance personal and professional life"

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"Wage policy is not clear. Some people receive at least 40% more than others, in the same position / function / ladder spreadsheet"

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